Candidate Hotels

PLEASE NOTE: We do not yet own this candidate hotel. We are actively proceeding with the required due diligence and legal preparatory work to progress a formal written offer to the current owner by our solicitors should our members wish to proceed to a legally binding contract. The undernoted details have been prepared for the information of our colleagues and site members, and in no way should be regarded as an actual offer at this stage. This is one of several hotels in SCOTLAND, SOUTHERN ENGLAND, WALES and, SOUTHERN FRANCE actively under consideration at this time. Readers should be aware that only when we have sufficient of our colleagues and membership ready to buy this, or any hotel on our list, shall a legally binding offer be made.

 Candidate Hotel

Please Note

The primary candidate hotel we were studying has now been sold to an alternate buyer. Congratulations are due to the former owner and estate agent in securing a sale in these challenging times. Compliments too, to the new owner.

Meanwhile we shall be studying replacent hotels to progress as our next project and upload details onto this webpage shortly.

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